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The VirtualExpo concept

VirtualExpo's core concept, the online exhibition, is built on four cornerstones:


Our Concept

gathering worldwide manufacturers from a dedicated industry in one place

organizing the wide range of displayed product information and create powerful search tools

constantly updating and highlighting new products and innovations

attracting millions of visitors thanks to SEO and targeted marketing actions


Our goal is to create the best possible tool for connecting international manufacturers with buyers worldwide. Due to the constant evolution of the Internet, innovation and development of new services are our top priorities.


Our Audience

Our Audience

We offer MANUFACTURERS a global marketing platform that allows them to expand internationally through a range of custom-designed solutions.

VISITORS gain access to an overview of international offerings, a wealth of product information via different medias (videos, high resolution photos, online catalogs) the latest market developments and new products.


Quality Content and International Scope

Quality Content

Our online exhibitions provide a global view of products available on the international market. Product information is visitor-enhanced with product catalogs, videos and high-resolution photos, all of which are accessible in a couple of clicks.


Our dedicated teams strive to continuously update, organize and ameliorate our portals, ensuring that the newest products are prominently featured.


Our SEO Experts

SEO experts


Our aim is to provide the best possible web visibility for the products displayed on our online exhibitions.

VirtualExpo employs SEO experts that are constantly improving keywords and content to boost our search engine ranking.

Our Global Marketing Tool

Marketing toolsOur global marketing solution helps brands develop internationally with the best possible ROI.Our solution includes:


Brand communication

Product promotion

Sales opportunities

Web optimization



A powerful tool for monitoring the international market, our online exhibitions are THE answer to today’s economic globalization.