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Boating & Maritime

Following DirectIndustry, NauticExpo is the second online exhibition launched by the Group in 2003.


NauticExpo: the nautical tradeshow

  • It brings together both leisure and professional boats, merchant ships and all associated equipment available internationally.
  • NauticExpo is aimed at buyers and other professionals in the marine and maritime sectors as well as pleasure boaters and other watersports fans.

In 2015: 4,000 exhibitors/760,000 monthly visitors

Here are a couple of examples of what marketing directors have to say about our portal :


Stephane Jacquemond, Head of Marketing, TwinDisc:

An interview with the VP of Marine Sales & Marketing for Twin Disc, Stéphane Jacquemond, at SMM Hamburg 2012.


Christian Blanck, Vice President of Sales, WEMPE:

An interview with Christian Blanck, Vice President of Sales for WEMPE, at SMM Hamburg 2012.


Matthew Hornsby, Managing Director, WILLIAMS:

An interview of Matthew Hornsby, Managing Director of Williams, at Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes 2012.


Stephan Constance, CEO of GRAND LARGE YACHTING:

An interview of Stephan Constance, CEO of Grand Large Yachting, at Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes 2012.