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Medical fields

Launched in 2012, MedicalExpo answers the need for a place where buyers from around the world can find manufacters of medical devices.


MedicalExpo: the medical tradeshow

  • The complex international market is organized into 3 sectors: medical, paramedical and equipment.
  • MedicalExpo is aimed at physicians, bio-medical engineers, hospital purchasing professionals, medical centers….

In 2015: 2,000 exhibitors/500,000 monthly visitors

Here are a couple of examples of what marketing directors have to say about our portal:


International sales of MIR, Pierbruno Profili:

An interview with the International sales manager of MIR, Pierbruno Profili, at Medica.



CEO of Medifa, Herr Sebastian Gerk:

An interview with the CEO of MIR, Herr Sebastian Gerk, at Medica



Product manager of Sibel, Armando Bejarano:

An interview with the Product Manager of Sibel, Armando Bejarano, at Medica



Marketing communication manager of Omron, Matthieu Valk:

An interview with the marketing communication Manager of Omron, Matthieu Valk, at Medica