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It’s very simple. All you have to do is:

- go to Subscribe now on

- choose your exhibition

- and complete the stand reservation form.

Requests are processed quickly: our sales team will contact you once your reservation form is received.

If you are eligible, you will be able to set up your stand in one of our permanent exhibitions in under 2 weeks.

Yes. To become an exhibitor, you must:

- be the exclusive representative of the manufacturer or brand to be exhibited

- own a website that is available in English (at least)

- own a professional quality website to be listed in our exhibitions

- sell products which correspond with the content of our exhibitions.

Stands in the VirtualExpo exhibitions provide maximum international exposure for a period of one year (as of the subscription date).


It works exactly like a traditional fair. The terminology and opportunities to connect with visitors are the same, only it all happens on the internet.

Virtual exhibitions can work in conjunction with physical trade fairs. They offer services which traditional trade fairs do not provide:

- a permanent, year-round online exhibition space

- a place where exhibitors can meet visitors from all over the world on a unique platform that does not require any travelling

- the optimisation of your marketing budget and strategic communication choices. Working time is rationalised and there are no heavy costs incurred for travel, equipment, stands, point of sale advertising and goodies. You can choose to participate in the traditional trade fairs of your choice and significantly increase your international presence through our virtual exhibitions.

- a platform filled with quality content, bringing together the most prestigious brands from each sector (industrial, architectural, nautical and medical).

As a complement to traditional marketing media, VirtualExpo’s online exhibitions are, above all, an opportunity to optimise your choices:

- to increase your presence in international markets while promoting your brand at a very low cost

- to project a very modern image that effectively reaches your target audiences, without paying expensive advertising agency fees.

Moreover, as an exhibitor, you will have a stand where you can display all of the products in your catalogue(s): our permanent exhibitions are an ideal international showcase.

The key benefits for all our exhibitors:

- cost-effective international exposure

- permanent exposure, 365 days/year

- your own personal contact in our sales team, always at your disposal

- a management interface allowing you to manage your online stand, personalise your exhibition and the elements you wish to include

- a newsletter sent out each month to several million targeted visitors interested in your products

- ever greater visibility thanks to efforts constantly being made to improve our range of services.


Thanks to the personalised interface we provide for the management of your stand, you gain an immediate and solid return on investment:

- you can monitor and evaluate the traffic on your stand at any time, using the statistics provided

- you have the opportunity to build a database of qualified leads, using details provided by visitors who have shown an interest in one or several of the products on your stand and have requested various items of information (request for a quote, request to be contacted or to be sent a brochure, etc.). All that's left to do is make contact with your future clients!

-you can optimise the effectiveness of your stand by updating it regularly (news, new products, press releases, etc.)

Having your own site is an important step, but it is not enough to develop your brand and presence on the international market.

Our specialised online exhibitions are a key tool in your web 2.0 strategy.

Our online shows are an excellent complementary tool for ”real” trade fairs: they are part of your international marketing strategy, in the same way as advertising campaigns are in the "physical" world.

Moreover, they are an indispensable tool for any company wishing to develop an international presence at minimal cost: exhibiting at a trade show and using “traditional” marketing tools without seeking exposure on the web would be a strategic error.

Our long history (we have promoted thousands of exhibitors from a variety of industries for over 10 years), our expertise and the millions of visitors who view our exhibitors’ products each month make us a solid choice for customers who are looking for a good ROI.

The web is not only a complementary tool for traditional media, but is also an indispensable platform for promoting your brand.

Moreover, the cost of running an advertising campaign on the Internet is far lower than that of a traditional media campaign.

Flexible and relevant, it allows you to target a group of visitors which may not necessarily be in the habit of attending traditional exhibitions or reading the “paper” press.

The press, including trade press, remains a very expensive advertising medium that is not nearly as effective as the Internet when it comes to spreading information.