Our HR philosophy

We believe that sustainable development requires every employee to be involved in the future of the business, so we put human potential at the heart of our success. To achieve our ambitions, we emphasize the complementarity and consistency of our projects, with the objective of :



Our objectives :

  • Developing effective actions and encouraging growth
  • Encouraging discussion and participatory management
  • Stimulating innovative projects and increasing our ability to adapt to markets
  • Creating conditions that generate employee commitment




5 reasons to join us  :

  • A secure and responsible company : we have achieved ongoing commercial growth by focussing on people, the key to our development !
  • A wide variety of skill groups : our activity requires a range of expertise including engineering, marketing, IT, etc.
  • Continuing professional development : induction, work-based training, individual coaching and experience exchanges
  • A good work/life balance is encouraged
  • VirtualExpo is #21 in the 2014 Great Place to Work ranking

Great Place to Work 2014