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Meet our teams


The VirtualExpo Group cultivates exception. People are at the heart of the company strategy and the key to its success. Today, VirtualExpo has 210 team members from 21 different nationalities. This cultural blend is the group’s DNA and its driving force.
The group’s diverse job profiles include:



The role of the Content team is to:

  • put in place, develop and guarantee the quality of the content on each exhibition, giving the visitor an overview of the market offering for a given sector.
  • Define the sector to be covered, identifying its boundaries and dividing it into fields/sections/sub-sections
  • Canvas and selecting exhibitors for each sector
  • Create the booths: company logo, presentation of products.
  • Include all the content elements that a visitor would expect to see: photos, product definitions, detailed information, videos, catalogs, etc.


The role of the Sales team is to:

  • Present our services to manufacturers who would like to exhibit their products on our portals
  • Encourage them to use all the communications tools at their disposal with the aim of optimising our exhibitors’ referencing on the web, enhancing their international reputations and putting them in contact with potential buyers.

The role of the Marketing team is to:

  • Develop and grow the reputation of the Group and its entities
  • Enhance and help to optimise the referencing of the portals
  • Participate in increasing Group turnover

To achieve these objectives, it applies all the ingredients of the marketing mix and manages all activities from our head office in Marseille.


The role of the IT team is to:

  • Execute and further development of VirtualExpo's IT projects
  • Ensure the correct referencing of the sites in search engines
  • Oversee the hosting and operational maintenance of the sites
  • Manage internal IT and ensure its support.

The IT department has state-of-the-art technologies and methods at their disposal for development, project management and referencing optimisation.
The IT department ensures complete delivery of high-quality projects.