A Strategic Alliance Between VirtualExpo Group and Japanese Company Glohai

For over two decades, VirtualExpo Group has established itself as a key player in bringing together buyers and sellers from all over the world, thanks to its six industry-specific marketplaces. Today, a new path is opening for Japanese manufacturers. We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Glohai, renowned for its expertise in supporting Japanese manufacturers in their export activities.

Working side by side to help Japanese manufacturers achieve transnational growth

If VirtualExpo Group has chosen to partner with Glohai, it's because we both share the desire to support and encourage business growth in an increasingly globalized environment.

Before the signing of this Franco-Japanese partnership, our ambition to gradually penetrate the Asian market had already been made evident by several achievements. Among them is our Japan Pavilion, a showcase for Japanese products that has proved a true success. Our recurring partnership with JETRO, a Japanese government organization dedicated to promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world, also reflects this deep-seated aspiration.

Glohai has thus emerged as an indisputable ally with which to collaborate.

Glohai: Redefining international strategies for Japanese brands

Founded in 2012 in Boston, USA, and present in Japan since 2018, Glohai is a rising force in the world of export consulting. It has worked with around 200 Japanese companies in fields ranging from manufacturing and retailing to research and development.

To help Japanese brands expand their business activities in the USA, China, and beyond, Glohai provides them with the knowledge and tools they need to gain new prospects and export their products with confidence. Glohai also works hard to find distributors for them, or to cultivate partnerships with other entities that are in line with the needs they’ve expressed.

Glohai is renowned for its expertise in commercial and export support. Companies such as FUJITSU, NEC, Nikon, Shiseido, SonyMusic, and TDK have all benefited from its wide range of services. These include digital marketing consultancy, market research, and influencer marketing, to name a few. Glohai's goal? Minimize the risks and increase the chances of success for companies wishing to venture into a new market by providing them with an in-depth view of global and local trends and working on their brand awareness abroad.

VirtualExpo's specialized marketplaces therefore fit in with this initiative to provide Japanese companies with a genuine international sales force.

The power of an alliance: Not just a simple decision but a strategic choice for a promising business synergy

Built on the shared values of professionalism and a customer-focused ecosystem, this partnership fundamentally holds great promise for the future. We see this collaboration as an opportunity to further strengthen our influence in the Japanese market and look forward to the many opportunities this union will undoubtedly create.

By becoming exhibitors on one or more of our six marketplaces, Glohai’s customers will gain access to our platforms' audience, which represents a pool of nearly 10 million potential buyers every month. Thanks to our SEO expertise and the digital marketing tools available on our marketplaces, manufacturers will be able to boost their visibility, receive requests from qualified prospects with high purchase intent, and secure new outlets for their products.

It's now up to us to combine our strengths, know-how, and resources with those of Glohai to offer Japanese companies the best possible springboard into foreign markets in their respective sectors. There's no doubt that this new partnership is set to create a mutually satisfying synergy. “Unity is strength.” - Japanese proverb

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