Digital Marketing 2021/2022: The Major Emerging Trends

As the world continues to change with transformations in technology, usage, behavior, consumption patterns and lifestyles, digital marketing is evolving along with it.

Just for you, we have explored the digital marketing trends for 2022 by giving the floor to our partner manufacturers. We thank them kindly!

This review is a snapshot of the strategic actions these specialists took in 2021 and the digital directions they intend to follow in 2022.*

Are social media and organic SEO in the spotlight by chance? Get the information that will help enrich your strategic thinking…

*Study conducted on a representative sample of B2B companies.


This study makes it clear that in order to gain greater visibility, B2B companies must adapt to the accelerating changes in marketing today and adopt new technologies.

With a trend towards the elimination of “event” budgets in 2022 as a direct consequence of commercial distancing, we can observe that companies are instead prioritizing marketing actions driven by social media, organic SEO and targeted email campaigns.

These digital trends have been confirmed over the last 4 years, and you too would benefit from making them a keystone of your web presence along with “differentiating” content strategies.


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