MedicalExpo is Celebrating 10 Years!

Time sure flies...On January 9, 2012, after 6,000 hours of work and market research, a small team of 8 employees announced the launch of a new platform: MedicalExpo, a digital referencing tool entirely dedicated to the medical sector, i.e. for doctors, biomedical engineers, professionals in charge of hospital purchases, medical centers, etc.


The Prescription for Success

10 years later, our group is pleased to celebrate the success of this digital medical platform. These 10 years have been characterized by great growth thanks to partnerships with a large panel of international manufacturers, a website that’s updated daily and a constant search for innovative, state-of-the-art products.

MedicalExpo owes this success in particular to its international teams, who are committed to finding the best suppliers and products on a daily basis, and its historical clients (Esaote, Medifa, Schiller and Villard, just to name a few) who have been part of MedicalExpo since the beginning.



Another important factor in the website's rapid growth has been the recent global health crisis, which reshuffled the cards for the international market. Lockdowns, limited travel and wide-scale trade show cancellations have forced B2B buyers to turn to the web for their supplies.


The Medical Adventure Continues

Today, MedicalExpo lists 7,500 manufacturers, has 151,000 products online, receives 3.1 million visits per month and represents 16% of the group's transaction volume.

In order to face the growing trend of e-commerce and meet customer satisfaction while providing optimal visibility for our business partners, within a few months MedicalExpo will be equipped with a purchasing interface that allows users to purchase medical equipment in just a few clicks.

Announcing this ambitious yet realistic next step also gives us an opportunity to thank you for your continued confidence and loyalty, without which we could not look to the next 10 years!

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