NauticExpo Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary as the Marketplace for the Boating and Maritime Sectors!

Marseille, France, January 17, 2024 ━ The end of 2023 marked a significant milestone for the  specialized marketplace NauticExpo, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary while leaving an  impressive list of achievements in its wake.

NauticExpo: A digital breakthrough for the boating and maritime sectors 

The concept of an online trade show was conceived in 2000 by the French group VirtualExpo to  bring together buyers and manufacturers/distributors from all over the world on a networking  platform available all year round, in nine languages. After DirectIndustry, NauticExpo is the second  specialized platform developed by the group, followed by ArchiExpo, MedicalExpo, AeroExpo, and  AgriExpo. It has become the ultimate marketplace for professionals and enthusiasts in the  boating and maritime sectors today. Like its sister marketplaces, it has a clear goal of helping  people make the right purchasing decisions for their projects. 

The platform was founded in late 2003 by three visionaries: Corentin Thiercelin, Christophe  Campuzan, and Vincent Gérard, engineers from the French Engineering Institute Arts et Métiers,  who wanted to bring a much more interpersonal dimension to online commercial exchanges. 

From its strategically orchestrated launch to the consolidation of its market position, NauticExpo  has come a long way. In 20 years, the marketplace has grown from 25 product categories, 2,000  exhibitors, and 15,000 products in its early days, to 51 categories, 3,800 exhibitors, and 65,000  products today, representing a growth of over 330% in its product offering

In a world marked by digital exchanges, the platform has succeeded in satisfying the growing  demand for boating and maritime equipment by relying on long-standing partners such as  Besenzoni, John Deere, Seajet, Selden Mast, and Selva Marine, as well as by following five  fundamental principles: 

  • Offer a wide range of international manufacturers all in one place. 
  • Offer the most comprehensive content possible through continuous site updates. ● Give priority to new and innovative products. 
  • Provide a high-performance search engine powered by in-depth product knowledge and a  sophisticated algorithm. 
  • And lastly, to be even more demanding when it comes to keyword relevance to ensure that  the marketplace is SEO optimized and guarantees its customers a high level of visibility. 

With this approach, the marketplace has established itself as the leading sourcing company in its  field, providing optimum visibility to 11 major sectors, from yachting and professional boats to  maritime equipment and marinas, shipbuilding, and aquaculture. By offering a complete range of  products that meet the needs of every market segment, NauticExpo has extended its influence  across borders. 

NauticExpo: A committed player both on land and at sea 

NauticExpo's presence in the field━on land and at sea━has only enhanced its reputation and  legitimacy in the eyes of boating and maritime professionals, amateur sailors, and water sports  enthusiasts. 

At work on dry land ━ Throughout the last two decades, NauticExpo's commitment to the boating  and maritime community has been reflected in its regular attendance at prestigious trade shows  such as the Miami International Boat Show, Europort Amsterdam, SMM, the International Multihull  Show in La Grande Motte, and the Cannes Yachting Festival. Additionally, NauticExpo’s influence  in its field has been further strengthened by its partnership with the Grand Pavois La Rochelle  boat show and the i-NOVO Awards created at MetsTrade and boot Düsseldorf to award new and  innovative products in the sector based on their design, eco-responsibility, and technology. 

At work on the water ━ NauticExpo has participated in several sea trials of catamarans, dinghies,  electric surfboards, and other boating and maritime equipment to fuel and expand its expertise.  The marketplace is also involved in coverage of international competitions such as SailGP and  GC32. Its support for the world of nautical sports and its emerging talents is illustrated by its  sponsorship of French skipper Yann Rocherieux's 49er skiff for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic  Games, following his participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

NauticExpo's success over the past 20 years has been a driving force for innovation at  VirtualExpo. Since 2022, the group has been committed to e-commerce, partnering with big  names such as Mirakl, Algolia, Mangopay, and Djust to deliver a seamless shopping experience to  B2B players. Its goal? To help numerous businesses in the boating and maritime sectors enter the  world of e-commerce and continue to support them in their digital transition. In short, an ongoing  commitment to excellence and user satisfaction

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VirtualExpo Group is made up of four shops dedicated to professionals in the industrial sector (DirectIndustry Shop Germany, DirectIndustry Shop Spain, DirectIndustry Shop France, DirectIndustry Shop Italy) as well as six online exhibitions specializing in different sectors: AeroExpo for aeronautics, AgriExpo for agriculture, ArchiExpo for architecture and design, DirectIndustry for industry, MedicalExpo for medical devices, and NauticExpo for boating and the maritime sector. VirtualExpo Group’s mission is to help everyone with a B2B project make the right purchasing decision. Its six online exhibitions list a total of over 1 million products and receive 9.5 million visitors per month. Find out more about VirtualExpo:


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