The Kaluga Region is an actively developing region of the Russian Federation. The economy of the Kaluga Region is largely determined by its favorable economic and geographical location in the central part of the Russian Federation, an efficient investment policy and the consistent implementation of large-scale projects in the field of industrial and agricultural production.

Here are the manufacturers supported by the Kaluga Region:

. ALCOTEK (ArchiExpo)

. BONUS (DirectIndustry)

. CELSUS (MedicalExpo)

. ECOEXPRESS (DirectIndustry)

. ERGA (DirectIndustry)

. LISTON (MedicalExpo)

. RATCO (ArchiExpo)

. REAFIT (MedicalExpo)

. REALIT (ArchiExpo)

. SMARTTEC (DirectIndustry)

. TENT & SHATER (ArchiExpo)

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