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Sarah Tondeur, Marketing Director

Sarah Tondeur

“DirectIndustry is one step ahead of the game. In comparison to other websites, we find that DirectIndustry is very comprehensive and that’s something I’ve never seen before.”

Sarah Tondeur
Marketing Director at Argal Pumps
  • About Argal Pumps

    Argal Pumps has been a client with DirectIndustry since 2016.

    Back in 1975, Argal Pumps was born based on the need for pumping solutions and transferring corrosive and toxic liquids. This response to the industry’s demand began with the production of magnetic-driven centrifugal pumps. After more than 40 years of activity, Argal Pumps offers complete pumping solutions made of thermoplastics, metal, and composite (FRP) materials, to fit diverse industries that include aquariums, saltwater applications, fish farms, desalination plants, chemical plants, fertilizer, and agricultural industries, petrochemical, metal finishing, electronics, semiconductors, and more.

    Argal Pumps has always taken the path of innovation instead of emulation, leading to extraordinary and efficient results while providing reliability and state-of-the-art quality.



  • Argal Pumps Re-Focused Their Marketing Campaign After Reaching New Industries With DirectIndustry

    With DirectIndustry as an international platform, we are able to reach all of Europe and, now, Russia, China, and the United States as well. That’s something that we haven’t found with other services.”

    We also entered new industries. We realized certain Argal Pumps products have a lot of impact among visitors. For example, one of the products “Quantum” has had a lot of popularity among the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries so there was a particular interest in this product. It helped us focus our marketing campaigns more on these products instead of just a general campaign.

  • Do Better Business By Getting to Know Your Potential Clients

    DirectIndustry provides complete results to help you better understand your potential buyers. With full access to a detailed results page, as well as consult from a dedicated account manager and support from our marketing team, Argal Pumps noticed a huge difference in understanding results to better target their campaigns.

    The fact we can go to our results page and examine the viewed sections of a visitor has helped us to better categorize our products according to visitor interest. It’s like having a pre-filter to better understand the potential client or visitor. It allows Argal Pumps to do better business and even more directly with potential clients.”


  • How else can you promote your brand to potential clients?

    We tried a product highlight. We received 3-4 requests per week. This year we’ve decided to do 3 targeted emails to become even more known among DirectIndustry visitors and to continue improving our visibility. We’re very satisfied because aside from the positive feedback from visitors, we also have complete statistics which, unfortunately, other services don’t give us access to. With DirectIndustry, we know where the reader clicked or what part of the targeted email was the most attractive, for example.

Argal Pump’s Results

Take a look at some successful results for 2019-2020.

  • 342K
  • 3K
  • 138K
  • 137
  • 41

About DirectIndustry

DirectIndustry is a marketplace and lead generation platform that connects you with serious B2B buyers in the industrial sector. Our clients display their products and showcase their brand on an online stand. With DirectIndustry, you can display your products in 9 languages for our millions of website visitors to browse and source from.

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