Client Success Story

Alexey Baranov, Export Director

“Using the MedicalExpo marketplace, I managed to reach up to 30 countries (in Europe and in America) in 12 months, in spite of the pandemic. MedicalExpo is the best way to save time, efforts and costs, and to find the right clients internationally.”

Alexey Baranov
Export Director at Vetbot
  • About Vetbot

    The collaboration with MedicalExpo started in 2019. Vetbot is the world leader in manufacturing professional furniture for veterinary facilities and furniture for keeping of laboratory animals. They manufacture surgical, examination, dental tables and tables for cardiac ultrasonography procedures for veterinary purposes. 

    One of Vetbot priorities is the production of cages for keeping of laboratory animals. They manufacture laboratory cages for rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, mice and guinea pigs. In addition, the company Vetbot produces cells for veterinary hospitals, which are a model of quality and convenience for keeping animals.

    Vetbot works with leading research and development institutes, more than 1500 veterinary clinics and animal disease control stations, zoos, higher and secondary educational institutions throughout Russia and CIS countries and exports to France, Germany and other EU countries, as well as to USA, UK, UAE and Hong-Kong…



  • How a small regional company in Russia became a global player

    The leads from MedicalExpo are really high-qualified. We receive leads from the right audience (veterinarians, clinics, distributors, shelters…), just the right people who make the decisions. The percentage of transformation from requests to sales deals is quite high and it really depends on your own reactivity to give a feedback to the buyers.”

    Alexey followed all advices provided by the MedicalExpo team and the results were immediate:

    • between 3 and 10 high-qualified leads received per day.
    • between 1 out of 3 leads or out of 5 leads becomes a sale.
    • recent new clients in Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Alexey leaves no stone unturned. He managed to make a big deal with a clinic in Italy which had only visited his MedicalExpo stand.
    • increase of the number of requests and of sales after leads by using the different services included in the MedicalExpo package (product newsletters).
  • Vetbot’s main purpose was to find new markets abroad

    “I appreciated my Account Manager’s arguments explaining why MedicalExpo was the marketplace to be, the tool for Vetbot. I confirm it is a success for us.”

    The MedicalExpo team is very professional and always available to accompany us to improve our stand and our visibility on the marketplace. Their advices are precious:

    • target the right audience and countries
    • use high-resolution pictures on the stand and detailed description of products, definition of key-words used by the buyers
    • present the range of products in up to 9 languages
    • display the prices. Vetbot noticed a real increase of leads afterwards…
    • choose the colors, options that best suit your products…

    “We really appreciate the collaboration with our Account Manager and the team as a whole.”

  • The MedicalExpo marketplace is a famous and trustable marketplace in Russia

    “MedicalExpo” is well-known marketplace, reliable, valuable and trust worthy in Russia. Clients trust the company and they can sell without any problems.”
    Users don’t hesitate to put 100% of prepayment because they trust MedicalExpo.

    MedicalExpo is also popular in Russia because the russian government, through Zonesmart, support any russian company which wants to export and sponsors it to become a member of MedicalExpo.

    Thanks to its collaboration with VirtualExpo marketplaces, Vetbot became a leader success story in Russia. Alexey recently met the Russian Export Minister and was invited to share his experience to russian companies aiming to export.


Vetbot’s Results

Take a look at some successful results over the last twelve months.

  • 974K
  • 407
  • 120
  • 390

About MedicalExpo

MedicalExpo is a marketplace that connects you with serious B2B buyers in the medical industry. Our clients display their products and showcase their brand on an online “stand.” On MedicalExpo, you can display your products in 9 languages for our millions of website visitors to browse and source from.

MedicalExpo Key Figures

  • 2.5M
  • 3.1M
  • 7K
  • 220K
  • 132K+
  • 57K+
  • 21K

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