True to its values of solidarity, VirtualExpo supports UNICEF.

Faced with the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the time has come for action and solidarity.

The multiculturalism that characterizes the VirtualExpo Group's workforce has made us aware of the events taking place on an international level since our beginnings. With nearly 30 nationalities amongst our employees, we share the feeling of being part of a single "global village" and seek to be supportive of each other and beyond our own borders.

Today, we as an ethical company recognize the importance of doing our part. This is why VirtualExpo has decided to support UNICEF (the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) in their work with the victims of the recent earthquakes. UNICEF's mission is to defend the rights of children, meet their basic needs and promote their full development, on a global scale. They prioritize the most vulnerable children, especially those affected by natural disasters. In the aftermath of the tragic events of February 2023 on Turkish and Syrian soil, UNICEF is doing everything in its power to provide children and their families with life-saving supplies where they are needed most. This is a cause close to our hearts. By making a financial contribution to UNICEF this month, we want to support their work with populations in extreme difficulty helping alleviate the suffering of victims and facilitating reconstruction.

In keeping with our values ["Stronger Together" | "Living Diversity"], we also encourage all employees to contribute to this cause in their own way. Collectively, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by this disaster, making a positive difference and helping those who need it most. A collection has been opened on the UNICEF website so that we can mobilize together and combine our efforts. This is also a way to find meaning in one's professional activity, when each employee is given the opportunity to make a concrete commitment within his or her work environment.

This approach is a logical part of our corporate culture and is in addition to all the solidarity actions regularly carried out by VirtualExpo (solidarity vacations, awareness actions, collections in favor of the social emergency services , charitable donations, etc.). It is by strengthening the solidarity of the company and its employees and by demonstrating our commitment through concrete actions that we will be able to adopt an increasingly voluntary approach to social responsibility.

"There are no small acts when there are 8 billion of us doing them."

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