VirtualExpo Group Expands its European Presence with the Opening of DirectIndustry Shops in Germany, Spain, and Italy

VirtualExpo takes another step forward in its commitment to professionals in the industrial sector with the successful launch of DirectIndustry shops in Germany, Spain, and Italy. These three new e-commerce sites offer manufacturers specializing in the industrial sector a digital showcase to strengthen their presence in the European market and grow their sales.

"For over 20 years, VirtualExpo has facilitated exchanges between manufacturers and professional buyers worldwide. Our expertise and rigorous selection of innovative products, combined with optimized SEO, guarantee global visibility for sellers partnered with us.” - Vincent Gérard, CEO of VirtualExpo

This expansion follows the successful launch of the DirectIndustry Shop France at the end of 2022. With over 90 established sellers and a diverse range of over 100,000 offers, the DirectIndustry Shop France has demonstrated the potential of VirtualExpo's e-commerce strategy.

The DirectIndustry shops offer significant advantages for both buyers and sellers. Sellers benefit from a highly targeted audience of professional buyers, a competitive introductory offer with a reduced commission of 6% for the first six months, and personalized support as they integrate their online catalog and track sales.

The DirectIndustry shops are a convenient and efficient procurement channel for professional buyers. They offer competitive prices, a curated selection of products and brands, and DirectIndustry's reputation as an industry leader, guaranteeing a quality shopping experience.

The progressive rollout of the DirectIndustry shops marks the beginning of a series of specialized e-commerce sites that VirtualExpo Group has planned. The company intends to expand its e-commerce business into five other fields of activity, covering a diverse range of sectors internationally, including the French, German, Italian, Spanish, and American markets.


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