Nine Reasons Why Fitness in the Workplace is Important

Working out or finding the time to work out is not easy. That’s why when a company offers on-site fitness classes led by certified coaches, it is a valuable opportunity. Promoting fitness is one of the most beneficial choices any employer can make to encourage their workers to reach their full potential.

At VirtualExpo Group, we take fitness very seriously. Every week, our employees have the opportunity to experience fitness together at work— a bonding moment that allows them to get to work out with other colleagues while taking a break from their job.

These fitness classes are offered at no extra cost during their workday. From Monday to Thursday, pilates, weight-lifting, and CrossFit classes taught by real coaches are available and open for all employees during the lunch break.

And what happens when classes are full or canceled? The fitness community at VirtualExpo Group has grown so much that the participants either get together to teach the classes themselves or exercise together outside of work!

So, why should you add fitness to your workplace? It is very beneficial and even essential for the well-being of your employees!

Here are our top 9 reasons to have fitness in the workplace

1. Motivated employees
After a workout, our employees feel motivated and are thus, more productive in their work and satisfied with their job. They also motivate one another to continue working out!

Group exercise is all about teamwork and working together to complete a number of exercises.The same teamwork can reflect later in the workplace when we must collaborate with our fellow colleagues.

3. Communication skills
Participating in fitness classes together gives employees the opportunity to talk to colleagues outside of their own team/services. They also must communicate when coordinating some of the exercises that require a partner.

4. Setting objectives and facing challenges
Employees who work out together normally have different or common fitness goals that they work individually and collectively. This also reflects in the workplace for individual career goals and/or team goals. It teaches them to not give up and to push themselves.

5. Reduced stress
Exercising between work time can reduce stress, increase energy, and improve overall mood. It makes you feel great after!

6. Increased brain power
Exercising gives your brain a break from something that was maybe blocking you and allows you to come back to your work with fresh ideas and pumped neurons!

7. Better sleep
After a good workday and workout, you’ll give your body and mind a good night of sleep.

8. Posture and Health
We sit at our desks for a huge part of our day working with computer screens. Adding a workout to your workday allows you to move your body and get the blood flowing! Employees also tend to be less sick and are in good shape mentally and physically.

9. New friends
Many friendships can grow over fitness. People who enjoy doing the same kind of classes with colleagues begin to take their bond outside the workplace. Whether it’s more exercise outside of work, going out for drinks or a restaurant, this is a great way to meet new people at work who share the same interests as you.

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