Celebrating the launch of our marketplaces in a time of pandemic

July 9, 2020 was a special date. It marked the major transition of the VirtualExpo Group from an online trade show business model to a B2B marketplace. With millions of annual visitors and powerful lead generation tools, our different websites (AeroExpo, AgriExpo, ArchiExpo, DirectIndustry, MedicalExpo and NauticExpo) have helped buyers from all over the world fulfill their projects.

The VirtualExpo marketplaces: a new source of growth for the group
The expectations of our visitors are constantly evolving and we are committed to the continuous improvement of our services in order to maintain our position at the top of the market.
"We had learned through surveys that our visitors wanted to be able to see prices and buy products directly online. This is what made us decide to become a marketplace,” explained Vincent Gérard, CEO of the group, in an interview."Today our main goal remains the same: to ensure that our visitors are satisfied when they use our websites so that they continue to come to us when they are looking for products.”
Our online stands have been redesigned and new features have been added so they are in line with what our brand promises. Watch the webinar “Sell smarter and more on our marketplace”.

Celebrating our successes despite the health crisis
At the end of 2019, we had planned to celebrate the collective success of this great corporate project, but that was of course before we knew about the COVID-19 pandemic...
Respecting the rules of social distancing required during the health crisis meant, for us, postponing the press conference and cocktail party which would have allowed us to celebrate this common goal together.
Despite this context, two key moments marked the beginning of a new era for the VirtualExpo Group:

July 9, 2020
This was THE official launch date for our marketplaces. Our CEO, Vincent Gérard, gave a short speech to the employees present in the Marseilles office, which was also broadcast live by  videoconference to all the employees who had decided to work from home. He took this opportunity to congratulate all the teams who had worked on this major corporate project.

July 23, 2020:
The quarterly meeting is an event VirtualExpo employees always look forward to. At the second quarterly meeting on July 23, our CEO presented the results of the previous quarter and the main strategic directions for the next six months.

Several festivities took place on the morning of the meeting, all of them respecting the rules of social distancing and barrier measures.

For the occasion, and to start the day in a fun way, VirtualExpo employees were given goodies in the colors of the event.

About fifteen employees participated in a video inspired by the TikTok "Don't rush challenge” to present VirtualExpo Group's new slogan: Compare | Connect | Buy. We saw the three values of our new identity pass "virtually" from one hand to another. With the different scene and backdrop changes, the end result really got the message across!
Living diversity
Our company has always drawn its strength from the multiculturalism of its employees. More than just a company value, "Living Diversity" is part of VirtualExpo Group's DNA and perfectly illustrates the varied personal and professional backgrounds of our employees.

2020 is a pivotal year for VirtualExpo: it also marks. Several VirtualExpo employees shared anecdotes illustrating what they were doing in the year 2000: experiences included the birth of children, weddings, road trips and more!

Proud of your success!
Celebrating our successes makes us aware of the goals we have achieved. We are grateful and proud of our employees’ efforts and their commitment to growing the group. Our websites continue to develop and will soon offer our visitors a much-anticipated feature: online payment via our marketplaces. This is a milestone we hope will be duly celebrated by the beginning of next year!

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