Complement your marketing strategy with a chatbot

We’re immediately greeted by them, prompted to ask a question, and we’re even expecting them while browsing a website. That’s right, I’m talking about the customer’s new online companion— the chatbot.

So, what is a chatbot and is it just another trend or does it actually have a major and impactful role in the marketing and customer service strategy of a business?

A chatbot is a computer program or an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is capable of having a fluid, human-like conversation via text or audio by rapidly searching data and also storing it.

At VirtualExpo Group, we believe that chatbots are essential to providing efficient customer service and our experience has proven that, but we know that different businesses have different experiences. One thing is certain: chatbots are getting better and better at their jobs. According to Gartner, by 2020, customers may manage up to 85% of their interactions with a company without ever even speaking to a human.

Our chatbot, Charly was integrated into our websites in October 2018 and since then, our customer service satisfaction rate is at 65.4 %! Charly handles 745 conversations/day— that’s 32 chats per HOUR! That’s about three times more conversations than a human can handle per hour.

Whether the purpose of the chatbot is to communicate with customers or just provide some basic functions to streamline tedious tasks, here’s how a chatbot compliments our marketing strategy:

  1. By offering a personalized experience
  2. By optimizing a response time
  3. By customizing product recommendations
  4. By communicating updates and information
  5. By learning about our website visitors

Chatbots personalize the customer service experience by giving a conversational and welcoming interaction. They work fast and have a strong ability to use natural language to interact with and understand a customer and their intention despite the human-robot aspect. This understanding brings significant added value to your website by easily redirecting the customer to the right content.

You can also get to know your customers and website visitors by analyzing the history of the chat’s saved conversation. This way you know exactly what your visitor is looking for.

And don’t forget about time optimization! A chatbot is available to serve customers and website visitors immediately, 24/7. In today’s business world where things move fast and customers don’t like to wait, this is extremely valuable.

Whatever you decide for your marketing strategy, the reality is chatbots make interacting with a business like messaging a friend—easy and always available to respond!

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