VirtualExpo Group Presents its six B2B Marketplaces

Marseille, France, July 9, 2020 - For the last 20 years VirtualExpo Group has led the way in specialized B2B online exhibitions, giving buyers access to millions of specific products with comprehenisve, quality listing in distinct domaines: industry; boating and the maritime sector; architecture and design; medical equipment; aeronautics and agriculture.

During this time VirtualExpo Group’s websites have become an essential sourcing tool for buyers around the world. All six websites combined receive 100 million visits each year generating an estimated transaction volume of 540 million euros.

On July 9, 2020, VirtualExpo Group is opening a new chapter by officially launching its six B2B marketplaces. These are designed to provide a complete service for buyers and sellers alike. Our new slogan “Compare | Connect | Buy” illustrates this new approach.

This slogan takes on its full meaning with the development of new features to meet the needs of B2B buyers.

  • COMPARE: VirtualExpo Group has developed a product comparison tool to help buyers make the RIGHT purchasing decision. The comparison tool is accessible on the search results page and is displayed as a table. It provides detailed information about the products being compared: image, brand, features, description, price and much more! Changes to stands making them clearly e-commerce oriented are also contributing to an improved user experience. With the new product presentation, it is easier for buyers to identify and view different products and their prices.
  • CONNECT: VirtualExpo Group has designed a negotation interface allowing sellers and buyers to interact in 9 languages. It offers many advantages such as sending attachments, viewing conversation history and exchanging and validating quotes. Another essential feature buyers look for is the ability to rate sellers. Ratings emphasize buyer satisfaction, give sellers credit and encourage them to be even more proactive. These ratings are a way to help future buyers choose the right seller. For sellers this tool is extremely useful for optimizing how they respond to requests and improving their sales performance.
  • BUY: On the VirtualExpo Group websites, sellers can now display an indicative price and price lists for products on their stand. This allows buyers to concretely consider purchases. It also means sellers receive more qualified leads. Sellers can also send a quote and buyers can confirm the transaction online.

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VirtualExpo Group is made up of four shops dedicated to professionals in the industrial sector (DirectIndustry Shop Germany, DirectIndustry Shop Spain, DirectIndustry Shop France, DirectIndustry Shop Italy) as well as six online exhibitions specializing in different sectors: AeroExpo for aeronautics, AgriExpo for agriculture, ArchiExpo for architecture and design, DirectIndustry for industry, MedicalExpo for medical devices, and NauticExpo for boating and the maritime sector. VirtualExpo Group’s mission is to help everyone with a B2B project make the right purchasing decision. Its six online exhibitions list a total of over 1 million products and receive 9.5 million visitors per month. Find out more about VirtualExpo:


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