VirtualExpo Group: 20 years later and not a wrinkle in sight!

2020 marks the beginning of a new era for the VirtualExpo group. Since the launch of DirectIndustry, the sourcing site for industry professionals, our developments have aimed to meet the growing demands of our various audiences.

The success of our start-up led us to extend the concept to other sectors by launching several specialized websites (NauticExpo, ArchiExpo, MedicalExpo, AeroExpo and AgriExpo). In this way we became THE leader for connecting professional buyers and suppliers from all over the world.  The value of the people working for the group has always been central to the development of our identity. This is what’s helped us grow while remaining true to our start-up roots.

The group’s 20th anniversary is an event all VirtualExpo employees looked forward to and that required an appropriate celebration! As such, the DirectIndustry veterans who have contributed to the group’s growth since the beginning organized a celebration on February 6th.

Over the 20 years the group has existed, more than 400 employees have worked there! So many professional, passionate and exciting people have given their time and energy to help grow the group internationally.

A frieze was set up inside the offices to trace the history of current and former employees. As a symbolic gesture, each employee was invited to place their name on the frieze in the year of their arrival in the company as a sign of their contribution to VirtualExpo’s history. The most successful years in recruitment are very memorable; and it’s worth paying a special tribute to the HR team!


The quarterly meeting is an important event where all employees meet to review the results of the past quarter and go over the forecasts for the next one. This was the perfect moment to wear the T-shirts specially ordered for the celebration and customized with each employee’s name and the year they started at the company on the sleeve.

Limited edition "vintage” DirectIndustry bags were also (re)created. This style of bag was for a long time what enabled us to bring major brands to our customers and communicate at specialized trade shows where our sales and content teams were present.


The DirectIndustry veterans share a common point of pride as part of the VirtualExpo family. To bear witness to these "good old days", a video was made and showed at the quarterly meeting. This featured all of the members of the original team in the old offices telling a few emotional anecdotes. The employees who’d recently joined the group really enjoyed this blast from the past!

The ball bearing is a symbol that has long defined the DirectIndustry brand identity. It was an integral part of the original logo. While this has evolved, we wanted to give a nod to the origins of the group by proposing a themed meal of bagels and donuts (the shape of ball bearings) following the quarterly review. It was a great success!

The year 2020 marks a turning point for VirtualExpo as it evolves from the historic business model of online exhibitions to a marketplace in order to better serve our audiences. A strategic turning point that will mark the history of the group in which the values and well-being of the employees are primordial.

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