VirtualExpo Group’s social and solidarity commitments

Working at VirtualExpo Group also means sharing strong values backed by managers, which leads to a strong and concrete commitment on behalf of employees when it comes to solidarity and civic initiatives!

At the beginning of each year, the HR department submits a list of charitable organizations provided by the employees themselves. Any proposal is taken into account as long as it remains apolitical and secular.
The 5 most popular organizations receive a financial donation and come to the company to present their mission and actions to our employees. The objective is to raise awareness among as many people as possible and, if necessary, to encourage some of the employees to become volunteers!
Throughout the year, everyone can contribute in their own way thanks to the partnerships that have been forged in recent years! A few recurring examples that illustrate this:

  • Solidarity missions with Planète Urgence: The company finances the participation of 5 employees in international solidarity missions (over 15 days) each year. Each volunteer is given the opportunity to compete and share their knowledge in favor of a project supported and implemented by organizations, groups of women, craftsmen, cooperatives or local scientific partners.
  • Blood donation with the French Blood Establishment: Blood donation is organized once a year on the company premises in parternship with the French Blood Establishment. At the last donation, over 15 liters of blood were collected.
  • Collection of restaurant vouchers, clothing, toys and food products for organizations such as the Restos du Cœur: During the last collection, no less than 115 meal vouchers were donated by employees to the Restos du
  • Cœur, allowing for the distribution of 1,150 meals thanks to the €1=1 meal strategy.
  • Beach clean-ups in Marseille by groups of voluntary employees (outside work hours): Last year, about fifteen employees and the CEO went to clean up Les Corbières beach on a Friday afternoon (yes, just a reminder,
  • Friday is a half-day for the majority of our employees!).
  • Events in support of Movember: Employees join the Movember cause, which focuses on men's health issues and raises funds by organizing bake sales, barbecues... and of course by growing mustaches throughout the month of November.
  • Paper recycling and selective sorting: Our recycling initiatives are increasing thanks to the development of partnerships with service providers who promote the employment of disabled people. Today, paper, Nespresso capsules, cans, glass and plastic are recycled on the company premises.

To go even further in this process, a "Committee of Solidarity and Civic Initiatives" has been created.
Made up of voluntary employees who meet on their own time, the purpose of this committee is to bring employees together through all different events to raise funds for a local organization (selected by employees).
During the "solidarity month" of 2017 or the "solidarity summer" in 2018, here is a non-exhaustive list of events that were organized by the committee requesting a financial donation from each participating employee:

  • Marseille women’s race La marseillaise des femmes
  • Waste collection on and around the VirtualExpo Group premises with the support of workers from Esat La Chrysalide
  • Beach clean-up in partnership with the Surfrider association
  • “Handi" ping-pong and foosball tournament to raise awareness about disability among employees
  • Petanque tournament, 20-minute massages offered throughout the day by visually impaired people from the Assamma association
  • Creation of a vegetable garden of aromatic plants at VirtualExpo Group
  • Fruit juices squeezed by members of senior management for fundraising purposes
  • Opening barbecue and closing event at VirtualExpo Group

In 2017, these various events made it possible to raise no less than 1,600 euros in donations, which the company then matched. As a result, the organization Ensemble Instrumental Solstice recieved a cheque for 5,000 euros at the end of the month of solidarity.
In 2018, the Committee created the "VirtualExpo Group Summer of Solidarity" with an even more extensive program, running from June to September.

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