Vision, Culture & Agility

Our Philosophy

Our Method

At VirtualExpo we aim to achieve and embrace diversity and balance in all forms. Our philosophy is focused on the spirit of 3 major principles: Vision – Culture – Agility. We believe that sharing and bringing this work culture to life is just as important as the company’s strategy. It helps us cooperate, communicate and celebrate one another while being surrounded by talented people.


Our strong start-up culture is driven by the energy and personality of the company and its leaders. Their vision is one of a successful and innovative workplace where everyone can develop personally and professionally. Using agility methodology, a logical evolution of a model way of thinking, we adapt to our constantly changing and flexible environment. We encourage middle management to take on the role of a coach. Together, we focus less hierarchy and more on what is important: teamwork, productivity and service.

International, Dynamic & Equal

Key HR Indicators

Here’s what this means in just a few figures:


average employee age


Nationalities represented


of employees completed training this year


Female Employees


of managers are female

Efficiency, Pragmatism & Simplicity

Our Values

Our Motor: Innovation

We embrace challenges, take risks, and don’t settle for our achievements. Instead, we aim for more! We aim to progress in communication, management and business. We cultivate our differences by being original.


Efficiency, pragmatism and simplicity with reliability, time management and clear explanations and understanding.


The wellbeing of our employees is important to us. We like everyone to keep a work-life balance. Our work space is welcoming and friendly, equipped with enjoyable services such as fitness classes, carpooling, team outings, meals and special events.


Our professionalism is a reflection of ourselves. We respect the rules and others. We remain humble, listen to others, handle criticism and call things into question—all the while keeping a relaxed mindset!

Challenging, Rewarding & Diverse

Here’s what our ``Virtualiens*`` Have to Say

*[ Virtualien: n. An energetic, creative and driven individual who is part of a bigger international family known as VirtualExpo. ]


Systems and Network Administrator

Claire is our Ms. Infrastructure! She manages all the company’s systems and networks to ensure proper performance on a daily basis.

After earning a doctorate in quantum mechanics, she quickly moved into computer science. She learned Docker before becoming a systems administrator. In 2016, Claire joined VirtualExpo’s systems administration team.

At VirtualExpo, we accept change and criticism. We make things happen and take risks. The job is varied and full of heavyweight projects.”


TMA Developer

Member of the TPAM team, Alexis is responsible for the correction and evolution of existing applications. Front, back, batch—he works on the code of all our applications.

After obtaining a Master’s degree in computer science in La Rochelle and working in Niort for 5 years, Alexis was looking for a change of scene and headed for VirtualExpo here in Marseille in 2017 !

Open culture, flat structure, open-space office…VirtualExpo is a company where everyone is accessible, without the hierarchy and barriers of traditional offices.”


JEE Developer

Vincent develops back-office Java applications for internal company functions and for our clients. As scrum master, he is responsible for keeping the team on task and maintaining progress toward established goals.

With a degree in computer science, Vincent acquired experience in Java development at DCNS, Eurocopter and Spir Communication before joining VirtualExpo in 2016.

In addition to the pleasant atmosphere here, I’m at home with VirtualExpo’s philosophy and start-up spirit. Decisions are made quickly and everyone pulls in the same direction.”


Manager and Agile Referent

Previously a JEE developer and development team leader, Aurélie is now an agile methodology referent. She coaches workshops to help the company adopt the agile philosophy.

Aurélie studied math and computer science. After discovering coding, she fell in love with software development and got her masters in computer science. She honed her IT consulting skills at Capgemini and Thales before joining VirtualExpo in 2014.

VE is an atypical company, a comfortable cocoon. There’s a good balance between private and professional life. Everyone who’s motivated and committed can manage their career while implementing company strategy.”


Senior Salesperson for New Business

First hired in new business sales, Marianna has become a referent. In addition to developing her portfolio, she now makes sure that the team’s sales activities run smoothly.

Born in Italy, Marianna arrived in France with a masters in International Business. After an initial sales experience with Monster, she joined VirtualExpo in 2008.

VirtualExpo’s values correspond to my own. Being serious without taking oneself seriously, conviviality, lack of hierarchical barriers…I’m comfortable at VirtualExpo!”


Salesperson and Lead Generation Tutor

After training in lead generation, Nathalie is currently responsible for an AgriExpo portfolio. She still has a hand in lead generation as a tutor for new arrivals.

After a career as an Italian teacher, Nathalie joined our sales team in 2016. She’s a perfect example of the career shifts common at VirtualExpo.

At VirtualExpo, we recruit individuals before recruiting professional profiles. Interesting personalities, enriching contacts—we enjoy an environment of mutual support and goodwill.”

Enjoyable, satisfying & flexible benefits

Our Advantages

VirtualExpo is particularly attentive to the well-being of its employees and their working conditions. We offer our employees a pleasant environment and numerous benefits to satisfy both their professional and personal requirements.


35 hours in 4.5 work days 

Flexible hours

Possibility of working from home
(40% of employees work from home regularly within the regulations)


Free on-site coaching and workouts

Daycare enrollment opportunities

Kilometer allowance for bike riders

Social benefits (restaurant vouchers, family health insurance 80% covered by the company, profit-sharing, 50% of public transport costs)

Team Building

Works Council

Team Incentives and Corporate Travel

Encouraged carpooling

Friendly, Open Space, & Multicultural

Our Workplace

A  work environment with the well-being of employees in mind.

Based in the beautiful city of Marseille in the South of France, VirtualExpo is a friendly, open-space workplace facilitating communication with a multicultural ambiance that makes us a company that stands apart.

The combination of personal touches allows each person to carve out a personal space: green walls, an atrium lunch area dotted with olive trees, an exercise room perched on a furnished terrace with a panoramic view, foosball and ping pong tables for some fun and big cushions for a little siesta.

There is even a fully equipped kitchen so that you can make home-cooked meals at work!

Community Engagement and Giving Back

Our Engagement as Citizens and Individuals

Citizen and solidarity commitment is a priority goal for us that is translated into diverse actions shared and supported by our employees. As time goes on, that commitment keeps growing stronger!

Blood Drive
with EFS

Collection of various goods for charity

Event in support of men’s cancer


Collection of marine & land litter

Planète Urgence
solidarity leave

Our Background

We were founded in the 90’s by Corentin Thiercelin while he was still an engineering student. He identified a lack of effective tools available to help businesses and buyers in their search for industrial equipment and components. Corentin used the Internet as a medium for organizing and displaying the overwhelming number of industrial products available on the international market. Our first web portal, DirectIndustry, was launched in 2000 and later we expanded into 6 other major areas under the VirtualExpo Group.