COVID-19: VirtualExpo is by your side

The health situation we are experiencing in France and around the world is unprecedented and exceptional. The daily life of our employees has been turned upside down, but the power of digital and our ability to adapt have allowed us to move forward calmly in this time of crisis.

Faithful to its values of solidarity and responsibility, the VirtualExpo group has made a commitment to its employees and customers through a series of concrete actions.


VirtualExpo Group is a pure player. Our online business enables thousands of manufacturers and distributors worldwide to increase the visibility of their brands through our marketplaces. One of the great advantages of our business model is that we can guarantee that our employees can fully maintain their professional activity despite the social distancing and confinement measures.

Since the beginning of the spread of Covid-19 in France, our Executive Committee has put in place a set of measures to protect VirtualExpo employees from any risks that could affect their health:

  • Limiting unnecessary interactions,
  • Using the hydroalcoholic gel made available to them,
  • Working from home when in doubt about their health,
  • Talking to a social worker if necessary.

Communication around this subject was diffused via our corporate social network Workplace, as well as on our TV screens which are strategically placed in our open space office.

The announcement of the general confinement in France accelerated the process of implementing teleworking for everyone at VirtualExpo: this was a measure welcomed by all of our employees who were already familiar with the practice of teleworking on all levels of hierarchy. The transition of our 200 employees working from home on a daily basis went very smoothly thanks to the proactiveness and availability of the members of our Helpdesk team!

Certain tools have allowed us to go ahead with our daily tasks calmly, including Google Meet, which gives our employees the ability to maintain their meetings by videoconference.

The social network Workplace also helps maintain a crucial link between employees who share the ups and downs of their daily life in confinement!

Our CEO, Vincent Gérard, also uses this network regularly to communicate with employees using videos providing strategic information shared with everyone.

This situation highlights two of VirtualExpo’s greatest values: a great capacity for adaptation and a taste for challenge.


Our customers have always been our top priority. The VirtualExpo group has therefore taken all of the necessary steps to guarantee the continuity of its services as far in as is possible, regardless of the duration of the pandemic and the confinement measures.

To ensure our mission of - “supporting our customers' projects over the long term" - we have adapted our services to include a highly flexible range of offers and payment options to enable our customers to continue to develop their business now so they can sustain their revenue over the year 2020.


The current situation is creating an unprecedented economic and social crisis that requires quick action. As such, we owe it to each other to be even more supportive and caring than usual.

Our Director of HR, Barbara RICHARD, regularly communicates information via our corporate social network that allows VirtualExpo employees to be part of the action, even remotely, by supporting .

Exceptional actions for an exceptional situation! Our solidarity and civic initiatives, which take place every year in our Marseilles offices, are taking a new direction: a survey was sent to all employees by Nadia Etcheverry, our HR Development Officer. VirtualExpo employees chose to financially support four associations that work locally and daily towards the management of the COVID-19 health crisis.


This crisis will mark a turning point in the history of the world economy. Each of us is faced with unprecedented difficulties. Let’s stand together and build on our resources and strengths. One of VirtualExpo’s founding values takes on its full meaning in this context: Stronger Together.

More than ever, we recommend that you respect the guidelines and measures imposed by the WHO and reduce contact and travel to the strict minimum for the protection of yourself and everyone else.

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