Portrait of a Winning Team: Our Talented Translators

Right from the launch of DirectIndustry in 2000, the founder of the group was keen to implement good web practices in order to guarantee an optimal experience for users. The website’s success opened up prospects for international development and made it possible to launch other specialized websites over the years.

In order for this success to continue, it was necessary to constantly adapt to the evolution of the web, and more specifically to that of search engines. Content quickly became decisive and our websites gradually opened up internationally, offering product descriptions, catalogs, and market news first in 5, then in 9 languages. Initially available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian, our websites moved even farther onto the international stage with their translation into Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese in 2016. Today, VirtualExpo Group has a team of 9 native-speaking translators entirely dedicated to the creation of original content.

Julie, Claudia, Sergio, Monica, Manuel, Elena, Helena, Mari, and Su guarantee the relevance of the terms chosen to index the millions of products presented on our websites. They also ensure that the user experience is optimal for each of our audiences. To carry out their mission, our experts must not only ensure search optimization for Google, Baidu and Yandex, just to name the main search engines, but they also have to put themselves in the shoes of our manufacturer and distributor clients, as well as the buyers who use our marketplaces! They must be familliar with how all of our web pages work in order to guide users step by step through our websites, interfaces, etc.

The year 2020 was a pivotal year for all VirtualExpo employees, and our translators had their role to play. The biggest challenge was to remain focused on the launch of the 6 marketplaces despite the unprecedented health situation and lockdown. The team did a huge amount of work to ensure that our websites were ready for July 9, 2020, the launch date of the 6 marketplaces and our new slogan Compare - Connect - Buy. Our 9 translators had to adapt all of our media: our website product pages, customer and buyer interfaces, legal texts, communication media, etc. Numerous communication campaigns were carried out throughout the year to prepare our audiences for the evolution of our services, each in 9 languages of course!

For our translators, the main challenges in 2021 will be to find the right wording for an online payment module that corresponds with each country's specific buying habits; to participate in the modernization of our CRM and the translated materials hosted in it; and to test new ways of communicating with our audiences, such as sending text message notifications.

VirtualExpo Group has made the winning choice of diversity by relying on a multicultural team made up of 100% native-speaking experts who propel its websites to the top of the most used search engines around the world. Every day, our translators bring their vision and experience to ensure VirtualExpo Group's international development without fail.

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