What does it mean to be a great workplace?

Everybody wants a great workplace—but how do you even get close to achieving it and what does it mean?

VirtualExpo Group is a 4-time winner of the Great Place to Work® award. We are named on the list of the top 50 best workplaces in France with under 500 employees since 2016. This ranking is given by the leading research and data organization, Great Place to Work. They’ve inspired us and many others to achieve a workplace where it’s truly great to work!

Here are some criteria to inspire you in achieving a GREAT workplace:

  • Credibility: Focus on open communication for all; value individual and collective talent; and emphasize a complete and enjoyable integration into your company culture.
  • Respect: Practice respect for all; provide support and individual attention for your employees and management; and encourage collaboration among different services.
  • Fairness: Acknowledge collective and individual success and contributions; have management that respects equality and impartiality.
  • Pride: Reward employees for their personal contribution while keeping the focus on teamwork, and always work innovatively on a positive company image.
  • Friendliness: Support interpersonal relationships, hospitality, solidarity!

For VirtualExpo Group, we keep in mind that happy Virtualiens are the key to a productive and successful company!

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