Customer Satisfaction: a Recipe for Success

As a pure player in B2B lead generation, the satisfaction of our audiences is a major development focus.

In these times of crisis, where digitalization is key, we have two major challenges for 2021:

  • Helping our visitors confidently source and purchase B2B products online
  • Helping our clients with their strategy for online presence

Every employee at VirtualExpo Group plays a part and offers our different audiences a listening ear and active presence. One of our teams, however, is fully dedicated to this task. Nawel M., in charge of the Customer Service team, gives us her foolproof recipe for fruitful collaboration!

When was the Customer Service team created and what are its main tasks?
The Customer Service project was born in 2014. Initially, there were only two of us, Fabien C. and myself, and we officially joined the Marketing Department in September 2015. The team expanded in September 2018 to welcome our first multilingual customer service reps.

What are the major challenges of customer service?
Constantly being at the cutting edge of our interface knowledge in order to support our audiences in their use of our websites while ensuring a level of satisfaction that is as close as possible to 100%.

What is the outlook for 2021?
Preparing to respond to our customers’ new issues while listening to them and providing them with support.

Lastly, what's the secret to your team's success?
The essential ingredient is curiosity, the curiosity to understand our interfaces and their developments as well as the needs of our buyers. We maintain our team unity through regular discussions in the form of daily team meetings and weekly one-to-one meetings.


Professionalism, patience and some shared laughter are the main ingredients of this team’s synergy. In this infography, Nawel M. delivers her recipe for success, one she is very proud of and which has satisfied thousands of visitors to our marketplaces for years!


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