VirtualExpo Group Buying Guides: How do You Use Them?

In a world where information is accessible and buyers are fully aware of their decision-making power, brands must adapt their marketing strategy to be present in all stages of their prospects' buying journey. Buyers are looking for any information that will allow them to make the best purchasing decision. This active search for products goes through several steps, including comparing different products and different sellers. Buying guides are a favorite for these buyers.

How Can Buying Guides Help B2B Buyers?

A buying guide helps buyers in their decision making process. This type of quality content provides tips and comparative tables of the different elements to consider in order to choose the best product. They are available free of charge and provide clear and accurate information to potential buyers.

At VirtualExpo Group, we have developed buying guides to support professional buyers throughout their product sourcing journey. Our guides address specific technical questions to help buyers choose the product that best suits their needs. Each buying guide is produced by one of our experts, according to their speciality, in a pragmatic and impartial way, putting themselves in the shoes of a buyer. None of the content is sponsored or promotional.

If a buyer is interested in a type of product presented in a buying guide, they can click on a link and be redirected to a list of manufacturers offering similar products on our marketplaces. Then, the buyer can compare products, choose the most suitable model and contact the nearest seller by clicking on the following buttons:

  • “Request a personalized quote”
  • “Request price options”
  • “Request documentation”

Each request made by our buyers is sent directly to the manufacturer and/or nearest distributor, who will contact them as quickly as possible.

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