Bespoke Sales Coaching for Collective Success

Our sales team are our champions: their performance completely depends on their ability to adapt and improve their approach on a continuous basis. VirtualExpo Group accompanies them through concrete actions such as coaching, either one-to-one or in groups, and call role-playing workshops. Our managers and coaches help our sales team maintain their confidence and motivation in any situation.

"Training and coaching start as soon as you are hired," says Quentin R., sales coach at VirtualExpo Group. "They continue on a very regular basis with self-training modules, one-to-one meetings with the manager, group training workshops to confront concrete problems, and finally individual coaching sessions to help each sales rep continue to progress."

In view of the current context and the increased teleworking since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a first session of role-playing games was organized by videoconference during the month of October. VirtualExpo Group has organized training sessions in pairs, at a rate of 2 hours per month, during which the sales team relies on real cases. After the call role-playing, the sales reps debrief together and in this way learn as much as possible while adjusting their sales position.

These training sessions allow them not only to identify their strengths, but also areas for improvement.

"The sales team are all the more convincing because they give full meaning to our service according to the needs of the prospects/customers, while respecting their individuality and originality." Quentin R.

This type of exercise is fully in line with four of our five corporate values:

  • THINK SMART, PLAY HARD: feedback & call quality improvement
  • STRONGER TOGETHER: helping each other & team spirit
  • PROUD OF YOUR SUCCESS: individual victories are ALSO team victories
  • LIVING DIVERSITY: we can all learn from each other!

A little healthy competition is the driver of success par excellence for any enduring company. Achieving our goals requires adopting a management style that relies on collective, continuous questioning and a caring approach among our employees.

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