VirtualExpo Group in 2020: a year we were“Stronger Together”

By the end of 2019, the whole company was gearing up for a transition period. The company's 20th anniversary was coming up and restructuring projects were in the works in order to generate growth for the company and our employees. Changing our business model from online trade shows to marketplaces would have a positive impact on our positioning in the B2B lead generation market. We were ready to launch the developments and celebrate this great step forward for the company appropriately, but we hadn’t planned on COVID-19...

A year later, we are proud to note that despite the lockdown and widespread teleworking, we were able to carry out our projects for 2020 swiftly and efficiently. Our clients strengthened their digitalization strategies and were able to benefit from our constant high-performance solutions to accompany them through this unprecedented crisis.

Thanks to the commitment and perseverance of our employees, in France but also within our subsidiary in China, our marketplaces were launched last July. This collective success was celebrated,despite the distance, thus opening a new chapter in the history of our company.

In addition to projects and technical developments, the company has maintained a special focus on the well-being and development of our employees. The Human Resources Department has introduced concrete strategies to continue to actively monitor:

  • the state of mind of our employees: with a listening ear and psychological support when needed
  • vocational training: with a rich program including distance-learning with recognized training organizations
  • career development: with the internal promotion of several employees to management positions

Recruitment was also stepped up to support the development of our teams (sales and IT) and allow the company to continue to evolve.

We are constantly improving our approach in order to meet the expectations of our clients and employees in the fairest possible way. 2020 was a year of challenge and resilience, but it proved that we were ready to reinvent ourselves and be pioneers in the world of B2B marketplaces.

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